27 Syy

Are you a Windows developer? More specifically, are you a C / C++ developer with a love for video editing?

We are issuing a challenge to find a willing developer to help make the MLT framework compile and work under Windows. If you accept this challenge, please contact me ASAP and join the OpenShot Developers LaunchPad team.

The reward for the brave developer that takes on this challenge will be the love and good will of all video editing fans on Windows. I'll even throw in an OpenShot T-Shirt. =) Also, there is a FAQ with some technical notes about Windows support, for those that are interested.

What does this mean for the Linux version of OpenShot? Absolutely nothing. Porting MLT to Windows does not mean that OpenShot will magically start working on Windows. There is still much work to do, but if we are ever going to support Windows, we need to take this first step.

So... let the challenge begin!