5 मई

May 1st marked the one year anniversary on my decision to create a non-linear video editor for Linux. I thought it might be fun to reflect on how far the project has come. It seems like just yesterday I began this crazy adventure, and now it's already been a year. Wow.

Here are a few fun facts:

  • This is my 50th blog post on www.OpenShotVideo.com!
  • We just made our 65th commit to the source code!
  • We have 2,292 lines of Python
  • We have 2,310 lines of XML
  • We have 1,450 comment lines (38.7% comment ratio. If you ignore the XML, our comment ratio is above 60%!)
As you can see, we have made lots of progress over the past year. Since switching to the MLT framework, we have really kicked it up a notch, and have made more progress than ever before.

And, to continue the trend of progress, here are some screenshots of two new features, the mute button and the visibility button. As you can see, both the track and the clip now have 2 icons (i.e. clickable image buttons). If you click on the mute button, it will not play the audio, and if you click on the visibility button, it will not play the video (but the audio will still play). If you click both buttons, then nothing will play for the clip (which begs the question, why did you put the clip there?).
Close up of new buttons:

Screenshot of the entire window: