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I am proud to announce that OpenShot version 1.4 has finally been released! This version represents a huge investment by our small and dedicated team of developers, contributors, testers, translators, and users. We love video editing just as much as we love Linux, and we are happy to deliver this amazing open-source software to the world. Before I discuss the details of 1.4, I want to personally thank the following people:

  • Andy Finch - Andy was instrumental in developing and managing version 1.4... committing over 50 patches (bug fixes, new features, and enhancements).
  • Olivier Girard - Olivier helped arrange key meetings, manage bugs & forums, and promote OpenShot.
  • Emil Berg - Emil contributed many critical bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Maël Lavault - Maël contributed many user interface improvements, as well as contributed to our GTK3 branch (soon to be released).

As always, here is my exciting announcement video for version 1.4... Cue the dramatic music in 3, 2, 1...

Feature List for OpenShot 1.4:
  • Timeline improvements (middle mouse dragging on the canvas)
  • More stable video & audio effects engine
  • Powerful color correction and adjustments
  • Many new & exciting video & audio effects
  • 15 new video profiles & updated descriptions
  • New 3D animations
  • New transitions
  • Many enhancements to the project files tree
  • Improved internationalization & translations
  • Removed use of the "melt" command line (depending on your MLT version)
  • Thumbnail improvements (clip thumbnails update based on IN/OUT, file thumbnails regenerate if missing)
  • Improved title editing
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved color accuracy with 3D animated title color pickers
  • TONS of bug fixes and speed improvements!
  • Works best with MLT 0.7.4+, but is still compatible with older versions
  • Want to know every single bug fix, enhancement, and new features? View the full list.

Dream. Create. Share.

Video editing on Linux has never been easier or more fun. If you create an awesome video with OpenShot 1.4, please share it with us. And remember to tag your videos with the word "openshot" on YouTube so others can discover them.


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What's Next

My goal is to get OpenShot 1.4 included in Ubuntu 11.10, which is quickly approaching. So, as soon as Debian approves our newest package, I'll submit a sync request to Ubuntu, and apply for a feature freeze exception. We have really focused our testing efforts on Ubuntu 11.10, to ensure the best possible performance and compatibility. I'll post an update once this happens, so everyone can follow along. Enjoy version 1.4, and stay tuned for news about our GTK3 version, new C++ video editing framework, and more!