19 Apr

Here is a quick status update on OpenShot. Things are progressing nicely. The code is really shaping up, and I am making very good progress. Here are few of the recent changes:

  • MLT framework has been integrated
  • A threading framework has been setup to work with MLT (so OpenShot doesn't freeze while playing videos, creating thumbnails, etc...)
  • The Gstreamer based thumbnail code has been replaced with MLT code, and as a result, is much faster and more stable.
  • It is now possible to easily drag 'n drop video clips into OpenShot, add them to the timeline, trim and arrange them, and watch your creation inside OpenShot. Not ready for primetime yet... but getting close.
I wanted to share a few screenshots of the development version, since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. So... enjoy!

New Project Window

Main Screen & Timeline