21 Mar

The OpenShot Kickstarter campaign is going strong, and we have now completed 3 full days of fundraising! We have already raised over $3,500, which is over 17% of the goal. The average pledge is around $26, and 71% of our pledges are coming in from external websites (29% are coming from the Kickstarter website).

In order to keep our momentum going, we need to widen our base, and have more backers learn about our project. So, even if you can not pledge money, you can still help us spread the word by clicking the "share" button in Facebook or Google+, and posting our Kickstarter campaign on your wall (or stream). That is highly effective at finding new backers!

Free T-Shirt: If you can find a video editing website (news, forums, community, etc...) with respectable web traffic, that is interested in interviewing me about OpenShot and our Kickstarter campaign, or promoting our campaign in some way, I will send you a free T-Shirt (as featured on our Kickstarter page). You can contact me at jonathan@openshot.org if you find one.

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