14 Jul

As you know, I am creating a complex timeline for my non-linear video application. I had the choice between the GnomeCanvas (which is obsolete) and a lesser known goocanvas (which is cairo based). I originally choose to use the GnomeCanvas, because it is much more well known, and there is more documentation for it.

After working with the GnomeCanvas in Python for many hours, something became very apparent, the Python bindings for the GnomeCanvas are incomplete and buggy. For example, CanvasGroups are not supported, they throw an exception when used. CanvasPixbuf objects don't expose all of their properties, such as the pixbuf property. So, once you create a CanvasPixbuf, there is no way to change the image. Arghhh!

I have now switched my focus to the goocanvas library, and things are going much better. I hope to have a release of my timeline demo in the next 2 weeks (still lots left to complete).