15 May

Glade 3.0 is a great GUI designer. I can't imagine creating a GUI using code when this option is available. It takes no more than a few minutes to setup a screen, name your signals, and set the default properties. It's also super easy to hook up the handler methods.

Check out this code example of showing a Glade-based GUI and hooking up some signals in Python:

import gtk, gtk.glade

# Load the Form1 instance
Form1 = gtk.glade.XML("Form1.glade")

# Signal Handlers
def CloseWindow(widget):
print widget

def button1_clicked(widget):
print widget
print "bottom button clicked"
NewForm = Form1.get_widget("window2")

def on_hscale1_change_value(widget, userdata, value):
print value

def on_vscale1_change_value(widget, userdata, value):
print value

def on_entry1_changed(widget):
print widget.get_text()

def on_checkbutton1_toggled(widget):
print widget.get_active()

def on_button4_clicked(widget):
print "close color picker"

# Create a dictionary of the event names and functions
MySignals = {"on_window1_destroy" : CloseWindow,
"on_button1_clicked" : button1_clicked,
"on_hscale1_change_value" : on_hscale1_change_value,
"on_vscale1_change_value" : on_vscale1_change_value,
"on_entry1_changed" : on_entry1_changed,
"on_checkbutton1_toggled" : on_checkbutton1_toggled,
"on_button4_clicked" : on_button4_clicked}

# Connect all the signals to the Form1

# Start the main loop