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Now that we have added in the ability for key-frame animation with OpenShot, it's only logical that we make it better and faster, right? Announcing Pre-set Animations!

What is a pre-set animation?

It's really quite simple. It's just a key-frame animation that has a simple name, and is already done for you. They are common animations that can be tedious to enter by hand.

A few examples include:
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Animate Left to Right
  • Animate Top to Bottom
  • Animate Center to Left
  • And many more...
[Right click on a clip to see the new menu options]

There is also a new pre-set layout feature, which can quickly change the size of a video clip and position it on the screen. The only difference from the pre-set animation is that layouts are static. In other words, they don't animate.

A few examples include:
  • 1/4 Size - Top Left
  • 1/4 Size - Center
  • 1/4 Size - Bottom Right
Also, I have listened to your suggestions, and I have improved the clip properties screen to use checkboxes instead of yes/no dropdowns, added more padding to the widgets, and renamed a few of the more confusing options. It is now quicker than ever to set properties on a clip!

On top of all this, many bugs have been fixed, including a few sneaky ones that have been around for awhile. Mainly dealing with dragging and dropping clips on the timeline.