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Welcome to the OpenShot Download Page! There are many ways to install OpenShot: LiveDVD, PPA, DEB Installer, and the Build Wizard. Which one should you use? Please read the description next to each method to decide.

Current Version: 1.2.2 (release notes)


To try OpenShot on any computer (without installing anything), please download the AV Linux LiveDVD. Burn the ISO image to a DVD, and boot your computer with the DVD drive. OpenShot is installed by default, and you can safely evaluate it. AV Linux is a Debian-based multi-media focused Linux distribution.

PPA Instructions (Recommended):

Easy install, and Easy Updating! Our PPA only works with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) and above. Install using the PPA.

Download Installer:

Please choose the correct CPU and OS from the lists below and download the installers. NOTE: Ubuntu 9.10 and above must install from the PPA.

Choose a version:

Build Wizard Instructions (Debian / Ubuntu):

We also have a build wizard available for Debian and Ubuntu, which downloads the latest source code and compiles all of the dependencies.

Source Code Tarball:

If you are just interested in downloading the source code for OpenShot, you can find the tarball with the entire source from our bzr branch. An alternative way to get the latest source code is to use the following command: "bzr branch lp:openshot". To install OpenShot, run the command "sudo python setup.py install".

NOTE: This tarball does not include the dependencies that OpenShot requires, such as MLT, FFmpeg, Frei0r, and Sox.

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