3 Tháng 5

During the past week, we have made many improvements, bug fixes, and added a number of new features. Here is a quick rundown of the more notable changes:

New Zoom Bar:
We have added zoom in and zoom out buttons to the zoom bar to make it quicker to zoom in and out. However, if you want to zoom all the way out or in, you can still just grab the slider.

New Project Type Properties:
When you choose the project type, we now display a table that has more details, such as height, width, frames per second, etc... Take a look!

New Clip Options:
We have added 2 new clip menu options (when you right click on a clip).

1) Slice and Shuffle - This option slices the clip into many small clips, and then shuffles them in-place.

2) Slice and Cut - This option also slices the clip into many small clips, except this time it cuts (i.e. removes) every other clip, and leaves them in sequence. It creates sort of a stutter effect.

Slice and Shuffle:
Here is the result of slicing and shuffling the above clip. Notice how it replaced the original clip with many small clips. And of course, they are no longer in sequence... they are in a random order.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes:
We have solved a huge performance issue with our multi-threaded architecture, and the CPU no longer goes crazy after you "preview" your project a few times. Also, our memory foot-print is much better, and everything seems real stable now. Also, we have fixed some major bugs with our XML generation (needed for the MLT framework, which is our video processing back-end). Lastly, we have improved our razor tool, so it is no longer buggy.