2 يوليو

We have added a few new features to our great title editor. Before, we were limited to 2 lines of text (Title & Sub-Title). We have improved it to now introspect the SVG title and allow the user to edit all text elements. Also, it now defaults the values of these text-boxes to the text in the SVG.

For example, this title has 7 lines of text:

Also, once a title has been added to OpenShot, you can now easily launch Inkscape for additional editing. Just right click on any SVG title, and you will see a new menu item:

If you select multiple files, it will open Inkscape for each title. It even waits for you to finish your edits on each title, before launching Inkscape for the next title. Once you save your changes in Inkscape, the changes are immediately reflected in OpenShot.

Lastly, we have added a new title template for Creative Commons content. The idea is, anytime you use some creative commons licensed content, you can now easily fill out the text in the CC template, and boom... you have attributed the work in your video.