4 Nov

Linux Format magazine includes article on OpenShotLinux Starter Kit includes article on OpenShot
The newest issues of Linux Format magazine and Linux Starter Kit magazine both feature stories on OpenShot! They are available at US and UK newsstands, including Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores.

Linux Format includes OpenShot on their list of applications that make up the "ultimate desktop toolkit".

Linux Starter Kit has an article titled "OpenShot - an exemplary video editor". It is between an article on Gimp and Rhythmbox, which is very good company to be in.

These 2 magazines speak to both advanced and beginner users of Linux, and both recommend OpenShot as the best video editor to use for your next video project.

I think this supports the direction we are moving in, by appealing to both the advanced and beginner users of Linux. OpenShot is not too hard, and it's not too simple.

If you have a chance to check out these 2 issues, please do and help spread the word about OpenShot!

Our next challenge is to polish the rough edges even more, improve the interface for all users, and add a few more unique and useful features. Related to this, I have a few surprises about the next version of OpenShot that I will be revealing soon, so stay tuned.