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Take a look at the new OpenShot dark theme called "holo", clearly influenced and named after the Android 4.0 default theme.  Many users prefer dark themes, and previous versions of OpenShot were not specifically designed for dark themes... which resulted in a less than ideal appearance.

But, with OpenShot 1.4.3 (coming very soon), this all changes, and now users can enjoy a beautiful, and integrated dark theme for their favorite video editor!  To use this new theme, go to Edit->Preferences, and choose it from the "Default Theme" dropdown.

New dark theme called "holo", available in OpenShot 1.4.3.
Main window in OpenShot 1.4.3, using new theme: holo.
We are almost done with our testing, and expect to release 1.4.3 on Monday, October 1, 2012, if everything stays on schedule.  So, be sure to check back on Monday for the latest information, or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Google+ to be alerted the exact moment we release it.