Архіви Травень 2009

30 Тра

Now that I have successfully rolled out the OpenShot build wizard, I am returning my focus to OpenShot and the task at hand. In my latest check-in I have added the following features:

  • Frame Stepping - The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys now step frame by frame in either direction. This works really well, and feels ...

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27 Тра

Ok, it's not magic, but it's really cool. I have just released version 1.0 of the OpenShot Build Wizard on LaunchPad. It is a python script which downloads, builds, and installs all of the dependencies that OpenShot Video Editor requires. Download the Build Wizard Here!

However, I should warn everyone, I have ...

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19 Тра

Today marks an important day in the life of OpenShot Video Editor... the day we became a serious video editor. I'm talking about frame by frame animation, composited on top of multiple layers of video and audio! You can now "easily" edit every single pixel of your video (if you so desire). As you ...

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12 Тра

I have finally finished the video controls (i.e. skip to beginning, previous marker, rewind, play / pause, fast-forward, next marker, and skip to end). I created a new set of icons, and integrated them into the MLT framework. I also hooked up the play-head, so it actually seeks the video as the user drags it ...

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5 Тра

May 1st marked the one year anniversary on my decision to create a non-linear video editor for Linux. I thought it might be fun to reflect on how far the project has come. It seems like just yesterday I began this crazy adventure, and now it's already been a year. Wow.

Here are a ...

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3 Тра

During the past week, we have made many improvements, bug fixes, and added a number of new features. Here is a quick rundown of the more notable changes:

New Zoom Bar:
We have added zoom in and zoom out buttons to the zoom bar to make it quicker to zoom in and out. However, if ...

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1 Тра

Like many open-source projects, we get a lot of traffic and interest from a few open-source network websites, such as Freshmeat, ohloh, and SourceForge.

If you want to help support our project (or any open-source project for that matter), please drop by and vote, rate, rank, and/or add comments for OpenShot to the following ...

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