20 Чер

Here comes the 2nd new feature in our 4 for 4 special, a shiny, new title editor!!! Title editors are an important feature in video editors, but rarely have the power of full-featured vector graphics programs. We've attempted to find a middle ground: a simple title template system (using a standard image format: SVG), with hooks into Inkscape for the advanced editing.

[new title editor dialog]

It is tightly integrated into OpenShot, and has the following features:
  • 8 initial title templates (more to come later)
  • Easily edit the text for line 1 & line 2
  • Change font / font color - including alpha
  • Change background color - including alpha
  • Integration with Inkscape (as the advanced editor)
  • All titles are in SVG image format, and are not rasterized
  • Solid Color - title with no text - including alpha
  • Titles are composited with all other tracks (and seamlessly layer together)
  • Titles are added to the "project files" tree
  • Drag and drop the titles onto the timeline
  • Use the resize tool to resize them
  • Easy to add custom title templates (i.e. just drop a SVG file in the /titles/ folder)

[save the title template to a new file]

[edit the title text]

[change the font color / font opacity]

[preview your new title]

[title is being composited with the video]

[solid color - no text on this title... just a background color / alpha]

This feature comes courtesy of Andy Finch (from the United Kingdom). Andy has been a great help, and is a core member of the OpenShot family. This brings us to our next big feature announcement... Oh yeah, you have to wait until tomorrow night for the next feature. Stay tuned.

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